HKHMBA personal stories and experiences  

As a financial member of HKHMBA, you will have access to some fantastic personal stories under the following topics:  

  • ages and stages  
  • higher order multiples
  • bereavement  
  • school age
  • birth and hospital  
  • toilet training tips
  • equipment  
  • zygosity
  • feeding multiples     

Other useful information includes:

  • craft for all ages: over 20 craft activities, including colouring-in pages
  • puzzle pages   
  • library catalogue for member borrowing  
  • recipes: most with children in mind!

*FYI: All of the above are about our members and their families' personal experiences. They do not represent medical advice and if you are experiencing difficulties, we strongly recommend you contact your doctor or call one of the support groups listed.

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