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The financial membership year is 1 April - 31 March.

Prospective members:  

No fee (conditions apply) consists of two categories:     

  1. Expectant parents of multiples  
  2. Parents and guardians of multiple birth children    

Full membership:  

This consists of parents who have experienced a multiple birth pregnancy and legal guardians of multiple birth children. All correspondence via email/website. 

Fees are $40.  

Extended full membership:  

If joining in January, February or March of any year. From 1 April of that same year, will revert to full membership for 12 months until 31 March of the following year.  All correspondence via email/website. 

Fees are $50.  

Multi-year full membership:

A three-year sequential membership. All correspondence via email/website.

Fees are $105.  

Life associate membership:

This may be granted by the Committee to multiples themselves, grandparents or other relatives of multiples, or other interested persons.

Fees are $16.

Life member:

No fee. 

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