Who are we?

The association was formed in 1980 under the umbrella of the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA). It is primarily a social club which is open to all parents of a multiple birth, regardless of the outcome either by birth, fostering or adoption. Through regular social contact and interaction, support is given to each other. Even the most caring well intentioned person may say they understand how you are feeling but having twins, triplets or more children the same age is a lot different to having a singleton and is uniquely different. Members of the Association, who have all had multiples are best equipped to lend moral and practical support.


We have a monthly meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (except December). We offer attendance via conference call (for the cost of a local call) when the meeting is held at a member's home.

We occasionally have guest speakers who address issues that interest our members. We usually hold these meetinga at a local venue. We then have a short coffee break followed by the general meeting where the elected committee reports to the members on activities being organised for the Association and other items of business.

Social get-togethers 

We meet at the homes of various members who have an escape-proof backyard for morning coffee on a regular basis. These get-togethers are good for all parents as they have a chance to discuss problems they may be experiencing as well as the opportunity to hold an ‘adult’ conversation. You will meet parents who can offer words of support and helpful advice. There is usually a couple of mums only too willing to give any babies a cuddle and give mum a break. Toddlers and preschoolers are also welcome to these coffee mornings as it also gives them a chance to socialise with other children. Also suitable for children are our park mornings. We regularly meet in fenced parks which offer the possibility of bike tracks, toilet facilities, picnic tables, and play equipment. 

Playgroup at Normanhurst on Fridays

Playgroup runs during school terms at Normanhurst Uniting Church Hall, (Lower Church Hall), 2 Buckingham Street, Normanhurst from 9.30am-11.30am. See our newsletter or closed Facebook group for up-to-date details around the Christmas and New Year periods. 

Playgroup is a great place for a chat while the children are occupied with indoor and outdoor toys, craft, story books and occasionally our Club's jumping castle. Playgroup is suitable for newborns to preschoolers and siblings are always welcome.

Catch up at local parks, indoor centres and cafes

See our closed Facebook group for up-to-date details of the various venues.

School age siblings are welcome to attend these events held during the school holidays. 

More social networking 

Our Association organises family days as well as ‘parent only’ nights out to dinner or the movies and even games nights.

  • The family days are a great way for both the mums and the dads to meet and compare notes. A popular event is the End of Year Family Fun Day.
  • As well as all the social activities, we also provide our members with access to child related products throughout the year to make life a bit easier for busy multiple parents. 


  • Facebook page: past, present and future members keep in touch with special events and interesting stories about multiples.
  • Closed Facebook group: financial members receive invitations and/or updates to member-only events, hold discussions and get links to our member's only website. 

Information for our members 

We hold information nights for expectant parents and morning teas for new parents. 

We also have an equipment pool which financial members can hire from such as breastfeeding pillows, triplet pram and hospital grade electric breast pumps. Contact the Club for current prices

You may have found it difficult to find many books on multiples in your library or book shop. Our Association has a large library containing a wide range of topics of interest to the multiple birth family, e.g. pregnancy, raising multiple birth children, toilet training, schooling, bereavement etc. All these books are available for loan to prospective and financial members.

It is easy to join us online. 

Other benefits of joining 

The Association is also involved in State Seminars, National Conventions. Click here to find out more!